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Stencilled Rabbit Skins

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We stock stencilled rabbit skins in different animal designs. These rabbit skins are soft and supple. The price is per skin based on the quantity ordered. The rabbits are approximately 10" x 14".”  They are better than our Craft grade (no nicks or bald spots), but many are smaller and more misshapen than our Gift Shop grade.

Order Code Description 1-23 24+
R-188-P1188 Pattern: Tiger 1 US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P1268 Pattern: Lippikat US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P1382 Pattern: Cheetah US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P1439 Pattern: Dalmatian US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P2037 Pattern: Ocelot US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P2264 Pattern: Leopard US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-P2276 Pattern: Tiger 2 US$16.00 US$15.00
R-188-PZ17H Pattern: Zebra US$16.00 US$15.00

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch raised.

Product of Spain

Pictures of Stencilled Rabbit Skin Styles

Tiger 1

Order code: R-188-P1188


Order code: R-188-P1268


Order code: R-188-P1382


Order code: R-188-P1439


Order code: R-188-P2037


Order code: R-188-P2264

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Tiger 2

Order code: R-188-P2276


Order code: R-188-PZ17H

See a size comparison with a soda can.

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