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Better Grade Rabbit Skins

Assorted Dyed Colors

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The dyed rabbit skins use our Better Grade Rabbit Skins from Spain.  These skins have excellent fur quality and are soft and supple.  These rabbit skins are chrome tanned.

We offer a variety of colors of better grade dyed rabbit skins. With the exception of the black-dyed skins (which have been dyed in Spain), all of the skins have been dyed professionally in the United States using using high quality professional dyes.  The dyed skins are about the same size as the better grade skins.  Some will be a bit smaller because the skins tend to shrink somewhat when dyed.  We start out with good quality and end up with a superior product. You will be impressed with the quality of the dye job, especially with the fluorescent skins--a difficult job to get right at the best of times.  The fluorescent colors are glow in the dark under UV/black light.  These skins will not lose their color if they get wet.

The Black Dyed rabbit skins are a mix of the better grade rabbit skins that have been dyed jet black in Spain. We usually keep between one and two thousand of these rabbits on hand in our Niagara Falls warehouse.  We can order any quantity you desire.  The black-dyed skins are about the same size as the better grade skins above.  Some will be a bit smaller because the skins tend to shrink somewhat when dyed.  Although, you also get some that are bigger.  In general, other firms sell lower-grade, smaller black dyed skins.  We start out with good quality and end up with a superior product.

Please note that the dyed rabbits do have a chemical odor as a result of being dyed. They may also have a mothball odor as well because we have to prevent bugs from getting into the skins. You can reduce this odor by either airing them out or by tumbling the skins in a dryer with a dryer sheet on very low heat for no more than five minutes. Any more than this will shrink the rabbit skins and you will no longer have the option to return them if unsatisfied. If you're worried that the rabbits skins may leave an odor in your dryer, we suggest you use a public laundromat.

For more information on our rabbit skins, please click HERE for the main rabbit section. For Larger Dyed Breeder Rabbits, click HERE.

Sometimes we receive some rabbit skins that are not consistently dyed.  We sort these skins out and sell them as discounted closeouts.  Please see our Odds & Ends Furs page for discounted dyed rabbit skins.

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch raised.

Product of Spain, Dyed in the U.S.A.


Order Code Description Price Per Skin Based on Volume
1-23 24+
R-134-01B Dyed Rabbit Skin:Black US$21.13 US$17.65
Order Code Description Price Per Skin
R-134-002 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Cream US$26.68
R-134-006 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Yellow US$26.68
R-134-012 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Orange US$26.68
R-134-013 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Burnt Orange US$26.68
R-134-041 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Tan US$26.68
R-134-050 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Golden Brown US$26.68
R-134-051 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Rusty Brown US$26.68
R-134-056 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Red US$26.68
R-134-060 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Light Olive US$26.68
R-134-072 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Green US$26.68
R-134-073 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Dark Brown US$26.68
R-134-082 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Blue US$26.68
R-134-089 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Olive US$26.68
R-134-092 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Purple US$26.68
R-134-137 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Shad Gray US$26.68
R-134-166 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Golden Olive US$26.68
R-134-501 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Red US$26.24
R-134-502 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent  Yellow US$26.24
R-134-503 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Orange US$26.24
R-134-504 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Green US$26.24
R-134-509 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Chartreuse US$26.24
R-134-510 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Pink US$26.24
R-134-511 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Fluorescent Cerise US$26.24
R-134-901 Dyed Rabbit Skin:Dark Olive US$26.24
R-134-BLUE Dyed Rabbit Skin:Baby Blue US$26.68
R-134-PINK Dyed Rabbit Skin:Baby Pink US$26.68

Weight: One hundred better grade rabbit skins equals approximately 12 to 14 pounds; one rabbit skin weighs approximately 2.1 oz.