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Rabbit Skin Pictures
Bleached White

The photos below have been taken under the same lighting conditions.  The bleached white skins have been bleached to whiten them--see the first row of pictures.  The second row is our regular, very nice white rabbits that have not been bleached.  The unbleached white skins always have a slight creaminess to them compared to the bleached ones.  Because they are alum tanned, our regular white skins are some of the whitest on the market.  The third row shows a comparison between the bleached skins and regular white ones.  The comparison photos show how bright the bleached skins are.  Our regular white skins are very white and clean compared with what comes from most tanneries.  The last row shows the back side of the bleached white skins.  

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Bleached White Garment Grade Skins


White Better Grade Skins

(not bleached)


Comparison of Bleached White and White


Hide Side of the Bleached White Skins