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Printed Rabbit Skins (Pictures)

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These rabbit skins have black and white pictures printed on the hide side of better grade rabbit skins.  They come in a variety of natural fur colors.  They average about 14" long and 11" wide.

To see our selection of natural rabbit skins, please click HERE for the main rabbit section. 

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.

Printed in the USA on rabbits from Europe or China.

Printed Rabbits Styles

Printed Rabbit:Elk Trio

Order Code: R-188-BF-01

Printed Rabbit:Moose and Canoe

Order Code: R-188-BF-02

Printed Rabbit:Bear

Order Code: R-188-BF-03

Printed Rabbit:Horses

Order Code: R-188-BF-04

Printed Rabbit:Cowboy and Horses

Order Code: R-188-BF-05

Printed Rabbit:Indians on Horses

Order Code: R-188-BF-06

Printed Rabbit:Deer Trio

Order Code: R-188-BF-07

Printed Rabbit:Charging Moose

Order Code: R-188-BF-08

Printed Rabbit:Deer

Order Code: R-188-BF-09

Printed Rabbit:Wolf Trio

Order Code: R-188-BF-10

Printed Rabbit:Geese

Order Code: R-188-BF-11

Printed Rabbit:Pheasant

Order Code: R-188-BF-12

Printed Rabbit:Wild Turkey

Order Code: R-188-BF-13

Printed Rabbit:Rainbow Trout

Order Code: R-188-BF-14