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Post Cards Made from Wood

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These postcards are made from ultra thin veneer in many species of wood.  They measure 4 7/8" x 4 3/4". I think they are really neat.  They go through the mail without any problem.  These are the thinnest wooden cards I have ever seen. 

These will be discontinued once our stock is sold.

Order Code Description Price
R-674-xx Wooden Postcard Buy on

Made in the USA


R-674-01 Kittens

R-674-03 Butterfly

R-674-04 Canadian Flag

R-674-05 Hello!

R-674-06 Beaver

R-674-08 Sailboat Race

R-674-09 Lighthouse

R-674-10 Killer Whales

R-674-15 Ducks  


R-674-21 Ohio Buckeye Tree

R-674-22 Loons

R-674-23 Sextant

R-674-24 Geese with Moon

R-674-25 Sailboat

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