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Animal Parts

Everything found here is either a closeout, odds & ends item, damaged merchandise, or is available only in limited supply.  If it is not marked sold, it is probably available as we update this page frequently.  

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Marten Skulls

Order code:  R-649-G11031501

Quantity in Stock: 5

Price: US$21.00 each (F)

These skulls have either broken jaws or cracks in the them.

The smallest skull measures:
Length: 4.25"
Middle Width: 3"
Height: 2"

Alligator Foot Necklaces

Order code:  R-649-030422-31

Quantity in Stock: 11

Price: US$7.35


See a size comparison with a soda can and a quarter.

Box of Assorted Fossil Animal Bones

Order Code: R-649-G15043001

Quantity in Stock: 1

Price: US$210.00

See a size comparison of the bones with a soda can.

See the another view of the bones.