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Flint Antler Knives

Small Flint Antler Knife

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These knives have either a flint or obsidian blade attached to a deer antler handle.  The knives are hand-knapped and assembled by an American artisan.  The knives are available in three sizes based on the blade length.  It takes more work to make the longer blades.  There is some variability within each size.

Order Code Description Price
R-1093-10 Flint Antler Knife:Small Buy on
R-1093-20 Flint Antler Knife:Medium
R-1093-30-AS Flint Antler Knife:Large
R-1093-30-Gxx Flint Antler Knife:Large:Gallery

Genus and species for deer: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

All shipments outside of the U.S. require U.S. Fish and Wildlife export clearance.

Made in the USA

Photos and Measurements

Small Flint Antler Knife

Order Code: R-1093-10

Length of Knife: 6.5" to 7"

Blade Length: 2" to 3"


See the knife with a soda can.

Medium Flint Antler Knife

Order Code: R-1093-20

Length of Knife: 7" to 9"

Blade Length: 3" to 4"


See the knife with a soda can.

Large Flint Antler Knife

Order Code: R-1093-30-AS

Length of Knife: 8" to 9"

Blade Length: 4"+


See the knife with a soda can.

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