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Ndebele Dolls

Assorted Small Ndebele Dolls

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These are real Ndebele dolls from South Africa made with glass and plastic beads. Each one will look different. You will receive an assortment when you buy assorted. You will get the exact doll pictured if you buy from the gallery.

One of the smallest tribes of the region, the Ndebele are noted for their painted homes of brilliant colors that stand out in the drab countryside. Their clothing is similarly colorful. The bead work on these Ndebele dolls is as detailed as the clothing of the women themselves.

During courtship, a suitor will place a doll outside a young woman's hut, indicating his intention to propose marriage to her. When a young woman is preparing to marry, she is given a doll that she names and cares for. Her first child is then named for the doll.

Click HERE to see some pictures from my trip to the Greenpoint market in Cape Town.

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R-1004-XS-AS Ndebele Dolls:Extra Small:Assorted (2"-3") NEW! Buy on
R-1004-XS-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Extra Small:Gallery (2"-3")
R-1004-S-AS Ndebele Dolls:Small:Assorted (3"-5")
R-1004-S-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Small:Gallery (3"-5")
R-1004-M-AS Ndebele Dolls:Medium:Assorted (5"-7")
R-1004-M-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Medium:Gallery (5"-7")
R-1004-L-AS Ndebele Dolls:Large:Assorted (7"-9")
R-1004-L-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Large:Gallery (7"-9")
R-1004-XL-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Extra Large:Gallery (9"-11")
R-1004MK-S-AS Ndebele Dolls:Small:Assorted (3"-5") NEW!
R-1004MK-S-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Small:Gallery (3"-5")
R-1004MK-M-AS Ndebele Dolls:Medium:Assorted (5"-7") NEW!
R-1004MK-M-Gxx Ndebele Dolls:Medium:Gallery (5"-7")

Made in South Africa

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