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Navajo Dreamcatchers

See a size comparison of the 2" dreamcatcher and the 4" dreamcatcher with a quarter

See a close up of the plastic beads and the glass beads

Left: Navajo 2" Plastic Bead dreamcatcher; Right: Navajo 4" Glass Bead dreamcatcher

See our Assorted Navajo Dreamcatchers on

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These dreamcatchers are made by Navajo artisans in New Mexico and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  They are made using pig leather and 3-6" chicken feathers. The fancy dream catchers are made using pig leather and turkey feathers.  The beads are either plastic or glass, as indicated below. 

See samples of assorted colors available for plastic bead dreamcatchers and glass bead dreamcatchers.

Order Code Description Price
R-70-2 Navajo Dreamcatcher:2":Plastic Beads US$7.17 See our Assorted Navajo Dreamcatchers on
R-70-2G Navajo Dreamcatcher:2":Glass Beads US$9.65
R-70-3 Navajo Dreamcatcher:3":Plastic Beads US$10.75
R-70-3G Navajo Dreamcatcher:3":Glass Beads US$12.96
R-70-4 Navajo Dreamcatcher:4":Plastic Beads US$15.44
R-70-4G Navajo Dreamcatcher:4":Glass Beads US$17.91
R-70-5 Navajo Dreamcatcher:5":Plastic Beads US$17.64
R-70-5G Navajo Dreamcatcher:5":Glass Beads US$20.95
R-70-6 Navajo Dreamcatcher:6":Plastic Beads US$21.22
R-70-6G Navajo Dreamcatcher:6":Glass Beads US$24.81
R-70-8 Navajo Dreamcatcher:8":Plastic Beads US$28.12
R-70-8G Navajo Dreamcatcher:8":Glass Beads US$33.08
R-70-12 Navajo Dreamcatcher:12":Plastic Beads US$42.17
R-70-12G Navajo Dreamcatcher:12":Glass Beads US$49.61
R-70-F3P Fancy Dreamcatcher:3":Plastic Beads US$15.99 See our Assorted Navajo Fancy Dreamcatchers on
R-70-F3G Fancy Dreamcatcher:3":Glass Beads US$21.50
R-70-F4P Fancy Dreamcatcher:4":Plastic Beads US$21.50
R-70-F4G Fancy Dreamcatcher:4":Glass Beads US$27.56
R-70-F6P Fancy Dreamcatcher:6":Plastic Beads US$33.08
R-70-F6G Fancy Dreamcatcher:6":Glass Beads US$38.59
R-70-H5P Fancy Dreamcatcher:5" Half Moon:Plastic Beads US$20.40
R-70-H5G Fancy Dreamcatcher:5" Half Moon:Glass Beads US$24.81
R-70-D6P Fancy Dreamcatcher:6"/2" Duet:Plastic Beads US$27.56
R-70-D6G Fancy Dreamcatcher:6"/2" Duet:Glass Beads US$34.18
R-70-T5P Fancy Dreamcatcher:5"/4"/3" Triplet:Plastic Beads US$44.10
R-70-T5G Fancy Dreamcatcher:5"/4"/3" Triplet:Glass Beads US$55.13

Genus and species (pig): Sus scrofa domestica. Ranch.
Genus and species (turkey): Meleagris gallopavo. Ranch.
Genus and species (chicken): Gallus domesticus. Ranch.

There are no export limitations on these dream catchers.

Native Made in the USA

Fancy Dreamcatcher Pictures

Fancy Dreamcatchers

Half Moon Fancy Dreamcatcher

Duet Fancy Dreamcatcher

Triplet Fancy Dreamcatcher

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