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Muskrat Skins


Left: Muskrat Skin / Right: Muskrat with Tail

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These are decent quality, tanned muskrat skins in various grades. They are approximately 11" to 16" from the nose to the base of the tail.  Some of the muskrats are cased and some are not. Uncased (open), the muskrat are 5.5" to 7" wide. Cased they would be half as wide. One skin weighs 1.8 oz.

Order Code Description Price
R-308-RJ Muskrat Skin:Reject Grade Buy on
R-308-CR Muskrat Skin:Craft Grade
R-308-TP Muskrat Skin:Trading Post
R-308-1 Muskrat Skin:#1
R-308-WT Muskrat Skin with Tail

Genus and species:  Ondatra zibethicus. Wild.

Muskrat are not endangered.

Product of the USA or Canada