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Black Bear Claw Necklaces

Left: Large 1-Claw Black Bear Necklace; Right: Rear 3-Claw Black Bear Necklace

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These REAL Bear Claw necklaces hang on a 32" leather strap, with one of our Real Black Bear Claws. These are mostly made using the rear bear claws. We can also make claw necklaces out of the large and jumbo bear claws.  Subject to availabity as the large and jumbo claws are harder to get.

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific necklace, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown. 

Order Code  Description Price
R-560-RBC01 Real Rear 1-Claw Black Bear Necklace Buy on
R-560-LBC01 Real Large 1-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-JBC01 Real Jumbo 1-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC03 Real Rear 3-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC05 Real Rear 5-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC10 Real Rear 10-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC20 Real Rear 20-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC50 Real Rear 50-Claw Black Bear Necklace
R-560-RBC-Gxx Real One-of-a-Kind Black Bear Claw and Elk Tooth Necklace:Gallery

Click HERE to see if black bear claws are permitted for sale in your state.  (If your state is not listed, please contact your State Department of Natural Resources and provide us with the relevant proof that black bear claws are permitted for sale in your state before ordering.)

Genus and species: Ursus americanus.  Wild.  CITES II.

Black bear around the world are considered to be a threatened species.  The trade in products from these animals is regulated to ensure that the bears do not face extinction.  Black bear are no longer found in some areas, but are quite plentiful in Canada.  In fact, according to the Globe & Mail, more than 100,000 black bears are thought to live in the Canadian province of Ontario alone.  All of our black bear products have been legally acquired.  Most of the bear skins and claws come from legal hunting or culling programs.

Black bears are covered by CITES and are NOT FOR EXPORT OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.

Non-Native Made in the USA

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