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Moccasin Kits

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The golden cowhide moccasins that result from the completed kits are soft and comfortable, yet durable. The pieces are pre-cut and pre-punched and just need to be laced together according to the instructions provided for a custom fit.

Please note that the packaging only lists Women's sizing.  See our chart below for the Men's equivalent sizing.

The large kits weight 7.5 oz. or 212.62 grams. 

Order Code Description Men's Size Women's Size Length x Width (Inches) Price
R-469-4604-01 Moccasin Kit:Youth 3-4 4-5 9 x 3 Buy on
R-469-4604-02 Moccasin Kit:Small 5-6 6-7 9.5 x 3.125
R-469-4604-03 Moccasin Kit:Medium 7-8 8-9 10 x 3.25
R-469-4604-04 Moccasin Kit:Large 9-10 10-11 10.75 x 3.25
R-496-4604-05 Moccasin Kit:X-Large 11-12 12-13 11.5 x 3.625

There are no export controls for these items.

Made in the USA

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