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Boxed Meteorite Fragments


Left: 1 Meteorite in Riker Mount
Right: 3 Meteorites in Riker Mount

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These are meteorites are mounted.  They come with a card with a short description of the meteorites.  The boxes are 4.25" long by 3.25" wide.

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R-1063-10 Boxed Meteorites:1-Pack Buy on
R-1063-30 Boxed Meteorites:3-Pack

Product of Argentina, Morocco, Africa, and USA



The Boxed Meteorite 1-Pack card reads:

Meteorite: Campo Del Cielo (“Field of the Sky”)
Country, State: Gran Chaco Gualamba , Argentina
Class: Iron Octahedrite, 3.0 mm IA
Date of Fall/Find: Recorded as early as 1576
Specimen Weight: 40.2 grams (this varies)
Specimen Description: Tumbled Fragment
Remarks: New find 1988 w/ very little surface rust


The Boxed Meteorite 3-Pack card reads:

Stony Iron Meteorite Fragment – Sahara Desert , Mo rocco
Meteorite Fragment – Campo Del Cielo , Argentina
Meteorite Fragment – (Gibeon) Namibia , Africa (this varies)  

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