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Jingle Bells

Gold and Nickel Jingle Bells

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The jingle bells are available in gold and nickel in a variety of sizes. They are sold by the bag or individually in the larger sizes. The 6mm to 25mm bells are sold 100 per bag. The 38mm bells are sold 50 per bag and the 60mm ones are sold 10 per bag. The prices below are the prices per bell, not a bag of bells.

Order Code Description Price
R-1043-06G Jingle Bells:6mm:Gold (100 per bag) Buy on
R-1043-06N Jingle Bells:6mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-08G Jingle Bells:8mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-08N Jingle Bells:8mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-10G Jingle Bells:10mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-10N Jingle Bells:10mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-12G Jingle Bells:12mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-12N Jingle Bells:12mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-15G Jingle Bells:15mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-15N Jingle Bells:16mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-20G Jingle Bells:20mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-20N Jingle Bells:20mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-25G Jingle Bells:25mm:Gold (100 per bag)
R-1043-25N Jingle Bells:25mm:Nickel (100 per bag)
R-1043-38G Jingle Bells:38mm:Gold (50 per bag)
R-1043-38N Jingle Bells:38mm:Nickel (50 per bag)
R-1043-60N Jingle Bells:60mm:Nickel (10 per bag)

Size equivalencies:

06mm = 0.24"

08mm = 0.31"

10mm = 0.39"

12mm = 0.47"

15mm = 0.59"

20mm = 0.79"

25mm = 0.98"

38mm = 1.50"

60mm = 2.36"

Made in China