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Huron Snowshoes and Bindings

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The Snowshoes are made with leather lacing and ash splint frames. These traditional style snowshoes are more adaptable to different snow conditions than more modern snowshoes. With a little bit of care and maintenance, these working snowshoes can be handed down to future generations. (See Care and Maintenance below.)

Please note that these snowshoes are functional ones made by a Native American-owned and operated company in a production environment for actual use by enthusiasts.  If you are looking for finely finished, hand-crafted snowshoes made by an artisan using moose sinew with fine webbing and a lot of detail work, these may not be for you.  We sometimes have a selection of used snowshoes that will meet this requirement, but these can cost between US$300 and US$500 each.  If you want to hit the trails with real wooden snowshoes, then these are perfect.

The weight recommendations below are a guideline for use in deep, fluffy snow.  For damp or compact snow, the snowshoes will work well with up to a 50-pound higher load.   The shoe capable of carrying the heaviest load is the 16" by 32" Bear Paw described below.

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Native Made in Canada

Huron Mini Snowshoes

Order Code:  R-47-01

The Huron Mini Snowshoes are made just like larger, working snowshoes, and are a great decorative item. These 16" snowshoes do not come with a harness, and are made with real rawhide lacing. Weight of each pair: 8 oz.

Price: US$74.99 per pair

Huron Snowshoes

Order Code Size Weight Price
R-486-HU1033 10”x33” 50-100 lbs. Buy on
R-486-HU1136 11”x36” 80-120 lbs.
R-486-HU1242 12”x42” 100-160 lbs.
R-486-HU1448 14”x48” 175 lbs. & +

Huron Snowshoes are used for walking on trails or in open woodland.  They are recommended for family recreation.  Split lacing. Bindings sold separately. See below.

Bear Paw Snowshoes

Order Code Size Weight Price
R-486-BP1230 12”x30” 125-175 lbs. Buy on
R-486-BP1432 14”x32” 150 lbs. & +
R-486-BP1632 16”x32” 200 lbs. & +

Bear Paw Snowshoes are ideal in dense woods or in situations where it is necessary to turn often. Split lacing. Bindings sold separately. See below.

Native Made in Canada   

Modified Bear Paw

Order Code Size Weight Price
R-486-MBP1030 10”x30” 75-150 lbs. Buy on
R-486-MBP1036 10”x36” 150 lbs. & +
R-486-MBP1140 11”x40” 150 lbs. & +

Modified Bear Paw Snowshoes are the most popular snowshoes for any type of environment. Split lacing. Bindings sold separately. See below.

Alaskan Snowshoes

Order Code Size Weight Price
R-486-AK1046 10”x46” 100-160 lbs. Buy on
R-486-AK1056 10”x56” 160 lbs. & +

Alaskan Snowshoes work well on open ground and in deep snow.  Slightly turned up front ends allow sliding on hard surfaces.  Full grain lacing. Bindings sold separately. See below.

Ojibwa Snowshoes

Order Code Size Weight Price
R-486-OJ1048 10”x48” 100-190 lbs. Buy on
R-486-OJ1154 11”x54” 160 lbs. & +

Ojibwa Snowshoes work well on open ground and in deep snow.  Also called the “ski-snowshoe” because slightly turned up front ends allow sliding on hard surfaces. These are made with full grain leather lacing instead of split. Bindings sold separately. See below.

Nylon and Olafin Bindings

Order Code Description Price
R-486-H2 Nylon and Olafin Bindings:Sandal Style (Pair) Buy on
R-486-H3 Nylon and Olafin Bindings:Double Use Style (Pair)

Instructions for how to attach the bindings to your snowshoes

Left: Sandal Style
Right: Double Use Style

Care and Maintenance

The lacing must be varnished regularly to keep the hide from sagging. Our supplier uses boat varnish which can be purchased at most hardware stores. If the lace becomes limp after use, it must be dried slowly (away from a direct heat source), and then generously varnished with an exterior oil-based varnish.  Do not allow wet lacing to freeze by leaving in the trunk of a car, for example.  Snowshoes should be stored in a cool, dry place away from the sun and rodents, which may be fond of rawhide.

Snowshoe Model Selection

A tail on a snowshoe (as in the case of the Huron, Alaskan, and Ojibwa models) acts like a rudder and allows the snowshoe to stay in a straight line with each step. It also serves as a counterbalance weight at the back of the snowshoe, thus helping to lift the tip out of the snow. However, in dense forest especially in deep snow, the tail can be cumbersome in turning around trees that are tightly spaced. For this type of snowshoeing, a bear paw style is recommended.  The bear paw snowshoes provide greater manageability and are easily stored and transported, but the round heel will make the snowshoe drag with each step. Despite this, the bear paw snowshoe is still the first choice of forest workers, trappers, hunters, and winter campers.

Snowshoe Size Selection

In general, the heavier the individual, the larger the surface area needed to support his/her weight in the snow, and the taller the snowshoer is, the wider the snowshoe he or she can choose. A shorter person with snowshoes that are too wide will have to lift his or her knees up higher with each step.