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Horse Slink Skins

See the back of a horse slink skin with a size comparison with a soda can.

We get a limited number of tanned, hair-on unborn horse skins from Peru.  These skins are from animals that died naturally from natural causes--they were not killed for their hides. 

For more information on how the measurements are derived, click HERE.

Order Code  Description Size Price Each
R-36-50-S Horse Slink Skin:Small 1.5-3 sq ft sold out
R-36-50-M Horse Slink Skin:Medium 3-5 sq ft sold out

Genus and species: Equus caballus. Ranch raised.

Horses are not an endangered species.  They are not subject to CITES or USFWS export controls and may be shipped internationally without any additional paperwork.

The horses have not been killed just for the hide.

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Product of Peru