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Black Horn Hairpipe

Consistent in length and thickness with very few pieces having edge damage, our line of premium quality hairpipe is ideally suited to craftspeople with discriminating tastes.  Large holes make this hairpipe very easy to work with.  To ensure good quality, a secondary inspection is done in Vietnam before shipping.

Order Code Description Price per box of 100 Price per 1,000
R-125-2-0.5 Black Horn Hairpipe:0.5" US$30.57 US$152.80
R-125-2-1.0 Black Horn Hairpipe:1.0" US$58.35 US$291.70
R-125-2-1.5 Black Horn Hairpipe:1.5" US$30.10 US$156.90
R-125-2-2.0 Black Horn Hairpipe:2.0" US$41.67 US$212.70
R-125-2-3.0 Black Horn Hairpipe:3.0" US$175.00 US$875.20
R-125-2-4.0 Black Horn Hairpipe:4.0" US$225.05 US$1,125.20

Genus and species: Bubalus bubalis.  Ranch.

Domesticated water buffalo are not endangered.

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Made in Hong Kong or Vietnam

Weight: one box (1,000 pieces) = 1 lb. 3 oz. (125-2-0.5); 2 lb. (125-2-1.0); 2 lb. 4 oz. (125-2-1.5)
Weight: one box (100 pieces) = 1 lb. (125-2-3.0)