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Hamster Skins

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We carry limited quantities of Hungarian hamster skins.  These skins are collected in the wild by gypsies in Hungary.  They are used as lining in garments, for making flies by fly fishing hobbyists, making pillows, etc.

The hamsters that we sell are not the same as the small golden hamsters that are sold as pets in North America.  Interestingly, all of the golden hamsters living in captivity originate from a single female with 12 young which were dug from one burrow in Syria in 1930.

The primary season for collecting hamsters is from October 1st until November 1st.  We only buy these once a year, so please call or write to confirm availability or to order large quantities. The skins are approximately 3.75" to 5" wide.  

Order Code  Description  Length   Price
R-772-S  Hamster Skins:Small 9-10" Buy on
R-772-M Hamster Skins:Medium 11-12"
R-772-L Hamster Skins:Large 13"+

Genus and species:  Cricetus cricetus. Wild.

Hamsters are not listed as an endangered species in the CITES website.  According to a journalist in London, however, wild hamsters have been designated an endangered species under European Union law since 1990 but Hungary and Poland are among a number of east European countries that won an exemption from the ban on hunting.  A spokeswoman for the U.K. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “Hungarian hamsters are not covered under EU law.”  Wikipedia indicates that some hamster populations are under pressure due to changes in the crops being grown and from increased use of pesticides.

Product of Hungary