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U.S. Goatskins

Reject grade goat skins.  See the back of the hides with a ruler

We have decorative, hair-on goatskins from both Peru and the USA.  All sizes are usually in stock.  Please let us know if you have a preference for one style over another.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs. The hide side of the U.S. goatskins is softer than Peruvian goatskins. The U.S. goatskins have hair that is 2" or less and are heavier than the Peruvian ones. Some of the U.S. goatskins may have small holes near the bottom or at the edges of the back of the skin which would not be evident from the front.

The Reject grade skins are smaller skins or pieces with inconsistent hair lengths, bald spots, holes, stiff hides, or completely shorn of hair.  They are sorted into three different grades.  The #1 rejects are the best of the grade with hair on most of skin.  The #2 rejects are pieces with good hair or larger skins with some hair on the hide.  The #3 rejects are shorn.  See a video of the reject skins we have have in stock below.

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Order Code Description Size Price
R-66-20-RJ1 U.S. Goatskin:Reject Grade 1 Various out of stock indefinitely
R-66-20-RJ2 U.S. Goatskin:Reject Grade 2 Various out of stock indefinitely
R-66-20-RJ3 U.S. Goatskin:Reject Grade 3 Various out of stock indefinitely


Genus and species: Capra hircus.

The goatskins are a by-product of the food industry.  These skins are not subject to USFWS export controls.  They are NOT endangered.

Product of the USA, Tanned in Haiti


Sizes range from about 27" to 36" long and about 20" to 26" wide.

For more information on how the measurements are derived, click HERE.

Video of Reject Grade Goatskins

This is a special run of low grade goatskins that we call reject grade.  We may not be able to get any more once they are sold out.

Time 0:00 to 2:00:  The first pile is the #1 reject grade with hair on most of the skins.

Time 2:01 to 4:24  The second pile shows the #2 reject grade that are pieces with good hair or larger skins with some hair on the hide.

Time 4:25 to 6:07:  The third pile shows the #3 reject grade skins that are shorn.

Care Instructions for Your Goatskin

To remove any dirt, brush along the nap (in the direction of the hair, not backwards) using a bristle comb or horse brush.  To clean spills or extra dirty areas, use a very small amount of shampoo on a damp sponge.  Sponge along the nap repeatedly.  Rinse the sponge to remove the shampoo and dirt and repeat until the hide is cleaned.  Dry using a towel running along the nap.

We also offer a lanolin-based cleaner called Eucalan.  Click HERE for more information.

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