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Fur Knife and Blades

See a size comparison of the knife with a soda can and the blades with a quarter

Left: Fur Knife with Two Packs of Blades; Right: Fur Knife Blades

See below for a video demonstrating how to use the fur knife.

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The fur knife, also called a trappers knife, is designed especially for cutting furs, hides, leather, and skins. It uses an old-fashioned razor blade that has been cut diagonally and gets inserted into the knife. The knife is incredibly sharp and cuts through leather, fur, hides, and skins like it is going through butter. When using the knife, cut from the hide side without the hair pressed against anything. You will slice just the skin with minimal loose hair flying around. Get one for a friend while you are at it. Handle with care. The knife comes with two packs of blades. Each pack contains two triangular blades. You may wish to purchase extra blades to save on shipping.

Extra blades are sold separately in packs of 10 or 100 only. Each pack contains two triangular blades.  A box of 100 blades weighs 137 grams.

The blades are 0.2 mm thick.

Please note: the fur knife does not come with a blade inside.

Order Code Description Price
R-1139-10 Fur Knife with Two Packs of Blades (4 triangular blades) US$40.01
R-1139-11 Fur Knife Blades US$17.40 / 10 pack or US$87.00 / 100 pack

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Made in Germany

How to Use the Fur Knife