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Fur Flowers

Rex Rabbit Fur Flowers are shown on the left and Blue Fox Fur Flowers are shown on the right.

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The fur flowers are used for applique, to put on shoes, slippers, purses, or other articles of clothing.  Assorted colors and designs are available.  The flowers are 3" in diameter and have pins on the back for attaching to material.

Our stock changes over time.

We are currently sold out in the rex rabbit fur flowers.

See the pictures below for the available blue fox fur flowers.

Order Code Description Price
596-10 Fur Flower:Rex Rabbit Buy on
596-20 Fur Flower:Blue Fox

Genus and species of Rex Rabbit: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch raised.

Genus and species of Blue Fox: Vulpes lagopus. Ranch raised.

Made in China

Blue Fox Fur Flower Colors


First Row: Creme Brulee, Oak Buff, Toasted Nut*, Terra Cotta*, Lantana

Second Row: Pale Blush, Quartz Pink, Prism Pink, Orchid Pink

Third Row: Velvet Morning*, Navy Cosmos*, Chocolate Truffle*, Raspberry Rose*, Raspberry Wine

Fourth Row: Asparagus Green, Green Glow*, Herbal Garden, Sunny Lime and Black*, Porcelain*

Fifth Row: Birch, Yellow Cream*, Winter Wheat, Arctic Ice*, Blue Iris


Blue Fox:White

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Blue Fox:Purple

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Rex Rabbit Fur Flower Colors

Rex Rabbit:Brown

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Rex Rabbit:Teal

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Rex Rabbit:Orange

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Rex Rabbit:Pink

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Rex Rabbit:Purple

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Rex Rabbit:Red

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Rex Rabbit:White

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