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Imitation Fox Tail Keychains

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These fox tail keychains are made using faux fur.  They are NOT real fox tails.  They are currently sold as assorted colors (see the picture above for colors available).  The imitation fox tails are 11" to 11.5" long and 2" to 2.5" wide. One fox tail keychain weighs 1.6 oz.

One brown, white-tipped tail measured 14" by 3" in size, and one rainbow tail measured 14" by 3' in size. Both weighed 47 grams each.

Please call us if you want a particular color(s) and we will let you know if it is in stock.  Otherwise, we will send you assorted colors.

Order Code Description Price each
R-42-23-AS Imitation Fox Tail Keychain:Assorted Colors US$10.00
R-42-23005-AS Imitation Fox Tail Keychain:Brown with White Tip NEW! US$11.49
R-42-23008-AS Imitation Fox Tail Keychain:Rainbow NEW! US$11.49

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in China

Photos of Imitation Fox Tail Keychains

Imitation Fox Tail Keychain, Assorted Colors

Imitation Brown Fox Tail with White Tip Keychain

Imitation Rainbow Fox Tail Keychain

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