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Fashion-Quality Fox Hats

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These hats are high quality fur hats made for the brutal Canadian winter.  They are well made, very warm, and fashionable.

Before ordering a hat, please use a measuring tape to measure the size of your head where the hat will sit to reduce the chance of getting the wrong size.  Click HERE for a headwear conversion chart.  If the hat does not fit or you wish to return it for any reason within five days of receipt, please call or send us an e-mail to let us know there is a problem.  Upon receipt of the hat in its original condition, we will issue a refund for the value of the hat or exchange it for one that is smaller or larger.  You are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance in both directions.

We have had many satisfied customers of our hats.  We hope that you will be one, too.

Shadow Fox Hats With a White Leather Top

These lined white shadow fox hats with white leather tops will keep you warm, yet fashionable in the coldest weather.  
Order Code Size  Price
R-3-90-XS  20 20 Buy on
R-3-90-S  21 21 5/8
R-3-90-M  21 22
R-3-90-L  22 5/8 23
R-3-90-XL  23 24
R-3-90-XXL  24 1/8 24

Genus and species: Vulpes lagopus.

Made in Canada


Black Fox Hats With a Black Suede Top

These lined black fox hats are made from dyed blue fox and have a suede top. 
Order Code Size  Price Each
R-3-16-XS  20 20 US$210.00
R-3-16-S  21 21 5/8 US$210.00
R-3-16-M  21 22 US$210.00
R-3-16-L  22 5/8 23 US$210.00
R-3-16-XL  23 24 US$210.00
R-3-16-XXL  24 1/8 24 US$210.00

Genus and species: Vulpes lagopus.

Made in Canada


Fox Hats with Tail

The fox hat is lined and made from high quality red fox skins and tails.  
Order Code Size Price Each
R-3-55-22 Adult:22" US$236.25
R-3-55-23 Adult:23" US$236.25
R-3-55-24 Adult:24" US$236.25
R-3-55-25 Adult:25" US$236.25
R-3-55-26 Adult:26" US$236.25

Genus and species: Vulpes vulpes

Made in Canada

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