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Fossil Walrus
Ivory Chips


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Left: Small pieces; Right: Large pieces. (Not to scale)

The Fossil Walrus Ivory Chips are priced by the pound.  You are not required to buy a whole pound.  The table below lists the average price per piece.

The average length of a Small piece is 1 - 2" (2.5 - 5 cm), while the average length of a Large piece is 3 - 6" (7.5 - 15 cm).

Code Description Average Price per piece Price per pound
R-23-10-S Fossil Walrus Ivory Chips:Small US$1.08 US$154.00 / lb.
R-23-10-L Fossil Walrus Ivory Chips:Large US$49.50 US$396.00 / lb.

This material was legally harvested on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska. 

There are no export restrictions on fossil walrus ivory products.

We no longer ship fossil walrus products to Germany as we had a shipment of fossil walrus cheek plates seized and destroyed by German customs in December 2013.  Germany requires a USFWS export permit for these items, however, we have been informed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife that they do not issue permits for fossils.

Product of the USA

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