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Elk Antler dog chews

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The elk antler dog chews are sold by the pound. The prices for material on this page are for hard brown, high quality antler. Elk antler makes an excellent dog chew because the antler is softer than bone and does not splinter.

Antlers differ in the ratio of bone density vs. bone marrow and this is a result of the animal’s diet. Some antlers have more bone (these would be heavier and have a thicker outer circle [bone] when looking at cross section) and some antlers have more marrow (lighter weight and larger inner circle [marrow] when looking at a cross-section). Some antler chews will be heavier and some will be lighter in weight even when they are the same size.

Order Code Description Size


R-1069-DCAE1 Elk Antler Dog Chew:X-Small 3.25-4.75" 0.04-0.08 lbs. (~18 pieces per lb.) Buy on
R-1069-DCAE2 Elk Antler Dog Chew:Small 4.5-5.5" 0.12-0.14 lbs. (~8 pieces per lb.)
R-1069-DCAE3 Elk Antler Dog Chew:Medium 4-6.75" 0.18-0.24 lbs. (~4 pieces per lb.)
R-1069-DCAE4 Elk Antler Dog Chew:Large 7.75-10.5" 0.3-0.46 lbs. (~2 pieces per lb.)
R-1069-DCAE5 Elk Antler Dog Chew:X-Large 8-11" 0.42-0.64 lbs. (~1 pieces per lb.)
R-1069-DCAE6 Elk Antler Dog Chew:XX-Large 6.5-12" 0.54-1.12 lbs. (~1 pieces per lb.)
R-1069-DCAE7 Elk Antler Dog Chew:Gigantic 11-11.5" 1.24-1.62 lbs. (~1 pieces per lb.)


Genus and species: Cervus elaphus.  Wild.


Elk are not an endangered species.

We also offer older elk antler sheds or drops that you can cut to any size desired. We do not cut these antlers. For elk antler sheds, please see our Elk Antler webpage.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside of the United States.

We cannot export elk antler to Australia as pet food because pet food cannot contain any material derived from deer, elk or other cervids originating from countries not considered free from Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  The USA is not considered free of CWD and therefore the import of pet food containing cervid material from the USA is prohibited.

Product of the USA

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