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Drum Frames

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These wooden tom tom frames are made from a wood similar to cedar.  You can make your own tom toms using these frames and our Cow Rawhide Drum Covers (click HERE).      

The diameter measurements are based on the outside diameter of the drum frames.

We have had a couple of complaints from drum-makers about the frames releasing at the joints. The problem is caused by keeping the frame too wet for too long. We will replace frames that don't look right when you receive them, but once drum-makers start using them, we have no control over what they are doing to them and there is no guarantee after that.                      

Order Code Description Price
R-541-6 Round Drum Frame:6"x1.75"x0.25" Buy on
R-541-9 Round Drum Frame:9"x1.75"x0.25"
R-541-13 Round Drum Frame:13"x2.5"x0.25"
R-541-15 Round Drum Frame:15"x2.5"x0.25"
R-541-18 Round Drum Frame:18"x2.5"x0.25"
R-541-20 Round Drum Frame:20"x2.5"x0.25"
R-541E-18x175 Alaskan-Style Round Drum Frame:18"x1.75"
R-541E-22x150 Alaskan-Style Round Drum Frame:22"x1.50"


Made in Pakistan

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