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African Driftwood 

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We stock dense decorative root wood from north central Namibia in our warehouse in upstate New York.  The driftwood has been sandblasted. It should be leached for 72 hours in running water before use in an aquarium.  It is nice, clean and very gnarled.  Each piece is unique.  The driftwood is called mopane, also known as cow fan wood.  This is the root from trees.  Mopane wood is extremely dense and will sink when placed in water without the addition of any weights.

There are many applications for this driftwood.  To name a few:

      Garden & Patio Decoration

     Floral Displays - Click for sample pictures

     Taxidermy Mounts

     Aquarium and Pond Displays

     Table Centerpieces

     Candle Holders

     Lamp Bases

     Bases for Sculptures

The driftwood is non-toxic (i.e., it will not kill your fish) and ready for use in an aquarium after a thorough rinsing.  The driftwood is also very dense and will sink to the bottom of an aquarium or water tank without needing slate weights.   

Let us know which sizes you are looking for and we will select nice pieces for you or you can order from our gallery.

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific piece of driftwood, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown. 

Order Code  Description Weight Price
R-562-S-AS African Driftwood:Small Pieces:Assorted 0-1.99 pounds Buy on
R-562-S-Gxx African Driftwood:Small Pieces:Gallery 0-1.99 pounds
R-562-M-AS African Driftwood:Medium Pieces:Assorted 2.00-3.99 pounds
R-562-M-Gxx African Driftwood:Medium Pieces:Gallery 2.00-3.99 pounds
R-562-L-AS African Driftwood:Large Pieces:Assorted 4.00-6.99 pounds
R-562-L-Gxx African Driftwood:Large Pieces:Gallery 4.00-6.99 pounds
R-562-XL-AS African Driftwood:Extra Large Pieces:Assorted 7.00 pounds or more
R-562-XL-Gxx African Driftwood:Extra Large Pieces:Gallery 7.00 pounds or more

Volume discounts on bulk wood that has not been photographed are available for qualified business accounts.

Genus and species:  Colophospermum mopane.

Mopane driftwood is not subject to CITES.  There are no export controls on this item for shipments outside of the United States.

Product of Namibia