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Dentalium Vernedei

90 Piece Bag of Medium Dentalium Vernedei 0.75"-1.5" and a close-up view with a quarter.

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Dentalium vernedei is a smooth, white shell. We sell them in unsorted bags/boxes of 90 to 100 pieces and sorted boxes of 10 and 100 pieces.

The unsorted bags/boxes of 90 to 100 pieces are the ones coded as R-208-IC-x. You will typically get more than 90 good pieces. Please note that the bags are supposed to have 100 pieces, but the supplier's packers cannot seem to get the numbers right and a few shells may break in transit or be of lower quality, so we claim the small and medium size only has 90 pieces so you are not disappointed. Consider anything above 90 a bonus. We do check the counts of the large size so that there should be at least 100 pieces. These sizes have a larger size range than the sorted shells described below. We do not do further sorting or grading.

The sorted boxes of 10 and 100 pieces are coded as R-208-D-x and R-208-C-x respectively. We have hand sorted these in New York and kicked out bad pieces. They are packed in boxes to protect the pieces, but please note that one or two shells may break in transit. We do not do further sorting or grading. The shells are the same in quality; they are just packed in different quantities.

Order Code Description Price
R-208-IC-S Dentalium vernedei:Small:0.5"-1.25" (90 pieces) Buy on
R-208-IC-M Dentalium vernedei:Medium:0.75"-1.5" (90 pieces)
R-208-IC-L Dentalium vernedei:Large:1"-2" (100 pieces)
R-208-C-M Dentalium vernedei:Medium 0.75"-1" (100 pieces)
R-208-C-L Dentalium vernedei:Large 1"-1.5" (100 pieces)
R-208-C-XL Dentalium vernedei:Extra Large 1.5"-2" (100 pieces)
R-208-C-XXL Dentalium vernedei:XXL 2"-2.25" (100 pieces)
R-208-D-XS Dentalium vernedei:Extra Small 0.25"-0.5" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-S Dentalium vernedei:Small 0.5"-0.75" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-M Dentalium vernedei:Medium 0.75"-1" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-L Dentalium vernedei:Large 1"-1.5" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-XL Dentalium vernedei:Extra Large 1.5"-2" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-XXL Dentalium vernedei:XXL 1.90"-2.25" (10 pieces)
R-208-D-XXXL Dentalium vernedei:XXXL 2.25"-2.5" (10 pieces)
R-208-LB-1 Dentalium vernedei:Assorted Sizes (1 lb)
R-208-LB-2 Dentalium vernedei:Assorted Sizes (1/2 lb)
R-208-LB-4 Dentalium vernedei:Assorted Sizes (1/4 lb)
R-208-KG-AS Dentalium vernedei:Assorted Sizes (kg)
R-208-Gxx Dentalium vernedei:Gallery


Genus and Species: Dentalium vernedei. Wild.


Product of India