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Dentalium Octagulatum

Left: R-267-PC See a size comparison with a quarter.

Middle: R-267-C-S See a size comparison with a soda can.

Right: R-267-KG-S See a size comparison with a soda can.

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Dentalium octagulatum is a white, ridged shell with eight sides, thus the term octagulatum.

The white shells are sold in bags of 90 or 100 pieces or one kilogram bags. The low quality shells are yellowed and are low grade shells sold in one kilogram bags.

The dyed shells are approximately 0.5" to 1" long. We sell them in one kilogram (2.2 pounds) or 100 gram (3.5 ounce) bags. The pieces are a mix of sizes with the majority of shells measuring approximately 0.5" to 1" long. Please note, there may be some broken shells that are going to be smaller, perhaps, as little as 0.25" or 0.50" as well as some shells that will be longer than 1". Each bag will vary to some degree. These are bulk shells, so please take this into account when ordering. Also note that we have tested these on a paper towel and did not notice any bleed, but cannot be responsible for damage to garments or other items. Please do your own testing and use at your own risk.

Order Code Description Price
R-267-C-S Dentalium octagulatum:~0.5" to 1" (100 pieces) Buy on
R-267-IC-S Dentalium octagulatum:~0.5" to 0.75" (90 pieces)
R-267-IC-M Dentalium octagulatum:~0.75" to 1" (90 pieces)
R-267-KG-S Dentalium octagulatum:~0.5" to 1" (kg)
R-267-KG-LQ Low Quanlity Dentalium octagulatum:~0.25-1.0" (kg)
R-267-KG-DS Dyed Dentalium octagulatum: ~0.5-1.0" (kg)
R-267-GC-DS Dyed Dentalium octagulatum: ~0.5-1.0" (100 g)

Genus and species: Dentalium octagulatum. Wild.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for shipments outside of the United States.

Product of India