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Deer Antler Points

See back view of the Mule Deer points

Left: White Tail Deer Antler; Right: Mule Deer Antler.

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These are single antler sides that have been sawn off the skull plate. The sizes vary so please let us know if you are looking for a particular size.

Order Code Description Price
R-158-2 White Tail Deer Antler:Two Point Buy on
R-158-3 White Deer Antler:Three Point
R-158-4 White Deer Antler:Four Point
R-158-2M Mule Deer Antler:Two Point
R-158-3M Mule Deer Antler:Three Point
R-158-4M Mule Deer Antler:Four Point

Genus and species of white tail deer:  Odocoileus virginianus.  Wild.
Genus and species for mule deer:  Odocoileus hemionus. Wild.

Most of these antlers come from white tail deer from Ohio, where the deer were killed by sportsmen.  Usually the meat is eaten by the family of the hunter.

The mule deer antlers come from Oregon.

Not for sale in most southeastern states due to state regulations.

It was confirmed by USFWS on October 15, 2015 that it is okay to sell white tail deer antler to California because the species is not native to that state.

Product of the USA

Mule Deer Antler

Mule Deer Antler:Two Point

Order Code: R-158-2M

One 2 point antler measured 7" long by 2" wide and weighed 0.14 lbs.

Sizes vary.

See back view with ruler.

Mule Deer Antler:Three Point

Order Code: R-158-3M

They are approximately 5" to 7" long.

One 3 point antler measured 11" long by 4" wide and weighed 0.30 lbs.

Sizes vary.

See back view with ruler.

Mule Deer Antler:Four Point

Order Code: R-158-4M

One 4 point antler measured 9" long by 9" wide and weighed 0.52 lbs.

Sizes vary.

See back view with ruler.

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