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Coyote Fur Collar

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We can provide finished parka collars out of coyote fur that you can sew into your parka hood.  The collar is prepared by a furrier and is made so that the fur runs down from the neck on both sides.

To replace the fur collar on a standard United States Air Force (USAF) jacket, you will typically need one 3" by 36" strip. 

To replace the fur collar on a N-2B USAF jacket, you will need two pieces that are 2" by 16"..

Order Code Description Price
R-781-3x36 Coyote Fur Collar (3"x36") Buy on
R-781-3x35 Coyote Fur Collar (3"x35")
R-781-3x24 Coyote Fur Collar (3"x24")
R-781-3x18 Coyote Fur Cuff (3"x18") 
R-781-2x16 Coyote Fur Collar (2"x16") - set of 2 pieces for N-2B USAF

Genus and species: Canis latrans.  Wild.

Product of Canada / Made in the USA or Canada

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