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Coyote Fur Collar

We can provide finished parka collars out of coyote fur that you can sew into your parka hood.  The collar is prepared by a furrier and is made so that the fur runs down from the neck on both sides.  We work with contractors in Canada who can produce large quantities.  Call or write for volume pricing.

To replace the fur collar on a standard United States Air Force (USAF) jacket, you will typically need one 3" by 36" strip. 

To replace the fur collar on a N-2B USAF jacket, you will need two pieces that are 2" by 16". We make these with a sage green backing to make it easy for a seamstress to sew the collar into your jacket without the backing showing.

Other sizes available on a customer-order basis. 

NOTE: We can also provide parka collars and cuffs out of different fur types.  Prices will vary accordingly.  See examples below.

Order Code Description Price
R-781-3x36 Coyote Fur Collar (3"x36") US$236.25 each
R-781-3x24 Coyote Fur Collar (3"x24") US$204.75 each
R-781-3x18 Coyote Fur Cuff (3"x18")  US$183.75 each
R-781-2x16 Coyote Fur Collar (2"x16") - set of 2 pieces for N-2B USAF US$236.25 set

Genus and species: Canis latrans.  Wild.

Product of Canada / Made in the USA or Canada

Custom Order Cuffs & Collars

We made a 24" x 4" Arctic fox fur trim piece with a backing for a customer.  The price is US$30 for the sewing charge and US$150 for the Arctic fox fur.

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