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Cow Tails

The picture on the left is of tanned cow tails; the one on the right is of washed and dried cow tails.

We get a limited number of tanned cow tails each year from Hungary and washed and dried cow tails from the USA.  These are nice, full tails that are professionally tanned.  They are clean and nice to work with for a variety of craft purposes. The tanned cow tails are a little softer and more flexible than the dried cow tails.

The tanned tails average 20" to 40" long overall.  The leather is 20" to 30" long.  The tails are 3" to 7" wide at the top.  The washed tails are 20" to 38" long.

Order Code Description Price Each
R-18-35T  Cow Tail:Tanned US$50.00
R-18-35W  Cow Tail:Washed & Dried US$35.00

Genus and species: Bos taurus

Cow are not endangered.  The cows were not killed just for their tails.

We also have calf tails.  Click HERE to go to that page.

Tanned tails are a Product of Hungary

Washed and dried tails are a Product of the USA