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Cow Suede Lacing
25-Yard Spools

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These quality cow suede laces are ideal for garment trimming, Native crafts, buckskinning, Western wear and jewelry making. They are 1/8" wide and 25 yards long (75 feet) with a 4 to 5 oz. thickness. The lacing on each roll is continuous (i.e., not spliced).

Please note that they come from different dye lots so there can be some variation in color.

*3218x25CB Cobalt and 3218x25WH white are discontinued

Order Code       Description 1-11 Rolls 12+ Rolls
R-3218x25BE Cow Suede Lacing:Beige US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25BL Cow Suede Lacing:Black US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25CA Cow Suede Lacing:Cadet Blue US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25CH Cow Suede Lacing:Chocolate US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25IV Cow Suede Lacing:Ivory US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25MB Cow Suede Lacing:Medium Brown US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25PK Cow Suede Lacing:Pink US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25RD Cow Suede Lacing:Red US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25RP Cow Suede Lacing:Royal Purple US$12.13 US$11.30
R-3218x25TT Cow Suede Lacing:Toast US$12.13 US$11.30

Metric conversion:
1/8" = 3 mm
25 yards = 2,250 cm

Genus and species:  Bos taurus. Ranch-raised.

Cows are not an endangered species. These skins are a by-product of the meat industry.  The animals were not killed just for their hides.

Made in the USA

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