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Cow Suede Lacing
25-Yard Spools

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These quality cow suede laces are ideal for garment trimming, Native crafts, buckskinning, Western wear and jewelry making. They are 1/8" wide and 25 yards long (75 feet) with a 4 to 5 oz. thickness. The lacing on each roll is continuous (i.e., not spliced).

Please note that they come from different dye lots so there can be some variation in color.

Order Code       Description Price
R-3218x25AQ Cow Suede Lacing:Aqua Buy on
R-3218x25BE Cow Suede Lacing:Beige
R-3218x25BL Cow Suede Lacing:Black
R-3218x25CA Cow Suede Lacing:Cadet Blue
R-3218x25CC Cow Suede Lacing:Charcoal
R-3218x25CH Cow Suede Lacing:Chocolate
R-3218x25DO Cow Suede Lacing:Dark Olive
R-3218x25DT Cow Suede Lacing:Dark Turquoise
R-3218x25GN Cow Suede Lacing:Gold Nugget
R-3218x25IV Cow Suede Lacing:Ivory
R-3218x25KI Cow Suede Lacing:Kiwi
R-3218x25LB Cow Suede Lacing:Light Blue
R-3218x25MB Cow Suede Lacing:Medium Brown
R-3218x25PG Cow Suede Lacing:Pacific Green
R-3218x25PK Cow Suede Lacing:Pink
R-3218x25RD Cow Suede Lacing:Red
R-3218x25RU Cow Suede Lacing:Rust
R-3218x25TT Cow Suede Lacing:Toast
R-3218x25VI Cow Suede Lacing:Violet

Metric conversion:
1/8" = 3 mm
25 yards = 2,250 cm

Genus and species:  Bos taurus. Ranch-raised.

Cows are not an endangered species. These skins are a by-product of the meat industry.  The animals were not killed just for their hides.

Made in the USA

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