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Cow Skin Coasters

Left to Right: Skin-Shaped Coasters, Round Coasters, and Round Leather Lace Edged Coasters

See the back of the round coasters with a quarter: Round and Round Leather Lace Edged

The cow skin drink coasters are made with real cow skins. They come in assorted colors and patterns.

The skin-shaped coasters measure 6" long and 3.5" wide across the middle.

The round coasters are approximately 4" in diameter and weigh 13 grams.

The round coasters with black leather lace stitched along the edges are approximately 4.5" in diameter and weigh 15 grams.

Order Code Description Price
R-869-COS1-AS Cow Skin Coaster:Skin-Shaped US$11.50 each
Order Code Description 1-2 3+
R-869-COR1-AS Cow Skin Coaster:Round NEW! US$9.99 each US$3.99 each
R-869-COR2-AS Cow Skin Coaster:Round:Leather Lace Edged NEW! US$10.99 each US$6.49 each

Genus and species: Bos taurus. Ranch.

Cows are not endangered. The skins are a by-product of the food industry.

There are no restrictions on the export of this item from the United States.

Made in the USA

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