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Chichester, Inc.

Banking Information

We accept payment by wire transfer from customers only if we can establish a strong comfort level about the person or business with whom we are dealing.  We will need to be able to establish who you are and where you live or work prior to releasing our banking data.

If you are wiring payment for an order, please confirm the total amount with us to ensure that we have the merchandise in stock and that your total includes freight.  

Please remember to include the US$39.50 incoming wire fee in your total to cover the cost of paying by wire transfer.

If your bank deducts its fee from the amount being wired, please remember to add sufficient funds to cover this cost or your order may be held up pending payment of the outstanding amount.

If you are calling from within the United States and Canada, you can call us at 1.800.206.6544.  For overseas orders, please call our Toronto administrative office at +1.416.232.0376 or send an e-mail to

Remember to send us an e-mail once you wire funds to confirm payment so we can watch for this with our on-line banking software.