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Solid Brass Beads


Left: 5/16" and 1/4" brass beads
Right: 7mm (new stock) vs. 8mm (old stock) copper beads 


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These brass beads have large holes and are ideal for using in making Native American jewelry.  The 1/4" beads are ideal for bracelets and chokers, and the 5/16" beads are great for breastplates.  

The hole on the 1/4" bead is about 3/16" and the hole on the 5/16" bead is almost 4/16" or 1/4".  There are approximately 1,000 beads per bag for R-279-1/4 and R-279-5/16.  

The R-326's are sold by the kilo, each kilo containing 592 beads on average, and have 2/16" or 1/8" holes.  They were 8mm when measured from side-to-side (not hole-to-hole). Now, the beads we are getting are closer to 7mm as per the picture above.

Please Note: Sizes of the beads and holes are approximate.

Picture Order Code Description Price
R-279-1/4-B Solid Brass Beads:1/4" Buy on
R-279-5/16-B Solid Brass Beads:5/16"
Picture Order Code Description Price
R-326-01 8mm Brass Beads:Solid Buy on
R-326-02 8mm Copper-Plated Brass Beads:Solid
R-326-03 8mm Silver-Plated Brass Beads:Solid
R-326-04 8mm Oxidized Brass Beads:Solid

Made in India or Hong Kong

Weight: One Bag of R-279-1/4 = 1 lb, 3.6 oz; One Bag of R-279-5/16 = 2 lb, 1.6 oz.  Bags of R-326-xx sold by the kilo.