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Blesbok Horns

We have recently added blesbok horns from South Africa.  Blesbok are an antelope common in South Africa.  They are also known as Blesbuck.  The horns measure 11" to 15" in length. They are mostly hollow.

We often get requests for matched sets.  The horns come in loose.  We can do our best to get horns that match as well as possible.  This takes time to sort through the horns and we charge an extra US$11.55 per set for labor.

Order Code  Description   Price Each
R-1026-LG  Blesbok Horn:Large US$55.13

Genus and species: Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi. Wild.

Blesbok are not an endangered species.

Not for export to Japan.  Not for export to Canada as they may be problems clearing them through the CFIA.

Product of South Africa