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Dyed Abalone Shells


Abalone shells are often used for smudging ceremonies by the Native Americans in the United States and Canada.

The shells are 4 - 7" (10 - 17.5 cm) from front to back (longest side).

The polished abalone shells have been highly polished to a beautiful sheen inside and out. It takes about four hours to polish one shell. These are beautiful decorative pieces or they can be used for inlay on rifle stocks, knives, and other items. The colors are not color fast and exposure to bright light will cause them to fade.

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Order Code Description Price Each
R-220-20-BL Dyed Abalone Shell:Blue n/a
R-220-20-GR Dyed Abalone Shell:Green n/a
R-220-20-CP Dyed Abalone Shell:Copper n/a
R-220-20-WH Dyed Abalone Shell:White n/a
R-220-20-YL Dyed Abalone Shell:Yellow n/a
R-220-20-TQ Dyed Abalone Shell:Turquoise n/a
R-220-20-RD Dyed Abalone Shell:Red n/a
R-220-20-VL Dyed Abalone Shell:Violet n/a

Genus and species: Haliotis midae. Wild.

This particular species of abalone was placed under CITES III trade controls by South Africa in May 2007. In June 2010, the South African government removed the CITES status on this shell.

These buttons are made from shells that are a by-product of the food industry.

Product of South Africa