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African Abalone Shell Pieces


Left: Dyed Blue Abalone Assorted Sizes with a Quarter.
Right: 1 Kilo Bag of Dyed Turquoise Abalone Pieces.

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These tumbled African abalone shell pieces come in 1 kilogram bags of mixed assorted sizes as well as sorted sizes.  They are great for use in aquariums, terrariums, gardens, floral decorations, and jewelry. See pictures of each color below.

The natural shell pieces were cleaned only. The bleached white shell pieces were cleaned and bleached. The creamy white shell pieces were cleaned and treated with hydrogen peroxide.

Please note that over time the dyes will fade if the shell is left in the sun.

A 1-kilo bag of 25mm abalone shell pieces has approximately 230 pieces, while a 1-kilo bag of 50mm abalone shell pieces has 200 pieces. A 1-kilo bag of 10mm abalone shell pieces has approximately 2,270 pieces.

If you want to drill the abalone shell pieces, we recommend drilling them in water with a drill press. We do not offer this service.

Please call for pricing on large orders (1,000 kilos or more) directly from South Africa.

Order Code Description Inches Price
R-220-TP-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Natural (kg) Assorted Buy on
R-220-TP-NAC Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Natural (100 g) Assorted
R-220-TP-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Bleached White (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-CR Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Creamy White (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-BL Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Blue (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Copper (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-GR Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Green (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-RD Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Red (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-TQ Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Turquoise (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-YL Abalone Shell Pieces:Assorted Sizes:Dyed Yellow (kg) Assorted
R-220-TP-05-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:5 mm:Natural (kg) 0.20
R-220-TP-05-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:5 mm:Natural (kg) 0.20
R-220-TP-05-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:5 mm:Bleached White (kg) 0.20
R-220-TP-05-CR Abalone Shell Pieces:5 mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.20
R-220-TP-05-TQ Abalone Shell Pieces:5 mm:Dyed Turquoise (kg) 0.20
R-220-TP-10-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Natural (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-10-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Bleached White (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-10-CR Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-10-BL Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Dyed Blue (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-10-TQ Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Dyed Turquoise (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-10-LC Abalone Shell Pieces:10 mm:Light Creamy (kg) 0.40
R-220-TP-25-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Natural (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-25-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Bleached White (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-25-CR Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-25-BL Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Dyed Blue (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-25-TQ Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Dyed Turquoise (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-25-LC Abalone Shell Pieces:25 mm:Light Creamy (kg) 0.98
R-220-TP-50-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:50 mm:Natural (kg) 1.97
R-220-TP-50-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:50 mm:Bleached White (kg) 1.97
R-220-TP-50-CR Abalone Shell Pieces:50 mm:Creamy White (kg) 1.97
R-220-TP-50-TQ Abalone Shell Pieces:50 mm:Dyed Turquoise (kg) 1.97
R-220-TP-50-LC Abalone Shell Pieces:50 mm:Light Creamy (kg) 1.97
R-220-TP-0102-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:1-2 mm:Natural (kg) 0.03-0.08
R-220-TP-0204-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:2-4mm:Natural (kg) 0.08-0.16
R-220-TP-0204-BWD Abalone Shell Pieces:2-4mm:Bleached White Dark (kg) 0.08-0.16
R-220-TP-0204-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:2-4mm:Copper (kg) 0.08-0.16
R-220-TP-0204-CW Abalone Shell Pieces:2-4mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.08-0.16
R-220-TP-0204-CWG Abalone Shell Pieces:2-4mm:Gritty Creamy White (kg) 0.08-0.16
R-220-TP-0406-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:4-6mm:Natural (kg) 0.16-0.24
R-220-TP-0406-BWD Abalone Shell Pieces:4-6mm:Bleached White Dark (kg) 0.16-0.24
R-220-TP-0406-BWL Abalone Shell Pieces:4-6mm:Bleached White Light (kg) 0.16-0.24
R-220-TP-0406-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:4-6mm:Copper (kg) 0.16-0.24
R-220-TP-0406-CW Abalone Shell Pieces:4-6mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.16-0.24
R-220-TP-0612-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:6-12mm:Natural (kg) 0.24-0.47
R-220-TP-0612-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:6-12mm:Bleached White (kg) 0.24-0.47
R-220-TP-0612-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:6-12mm:Copper (kg) 0.24-0.47
R-220-TP-0612-CW Abalone Shell Pieces:6-12mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.24-0.47
R-220-TP-1219-NA Abalone Shell Pieces:12-19mm:Natural (kg) 0.47-0.75
R-220-TP-1219-BW Abalone Shell Pieces:12-19mm:Bleached White (kg) 0.47-0.75
R-220-TP-1219-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:12-19mm:Copper (kg) 0.47-0.75
R-220-TP-1219-CW Abalone Shell Pieces:12-19mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.47-0.75
R-220-TP-19UP-CP Abalone Shell Pieces:19+mm:Copper (kg) 0.75+
R-220-TP-19UP-CW Abalone Shell Pieces:19+mm:Creamy White (kg) 0.75+

Genus and species: Haliotis midae. Ranch.

This particular species of abalone was recently placed under CITES III trade controls by South Africa in May 2007. In June 2010, the South African government removed the CITES status on this shell. No CITES permits are required any longer.

These shells are a by-product of the food industry.

Product of South Africa

Colors and Sizes

Color Assorted Sizes 3 mm 5 mm 10 mm 25 mm 50 mm








Bleached White







Creamy White





Dyed Blue







Dyed Copper







Dyed Green







Dyed Red







Dyed Turquoise







Dyed Yellow







Light Creamy







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