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6/0 Czech Glass Pony Beads

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The 6/0 Pony Beads are 4-5 millimeters in diameter.  These are sold in 500 gram bags.  There are approximately 1,300 beads per bag.  See color chart below for pictures and pricing.  For general information on seed beads, click HERE.  


Op. = Opaque Trans. = Translucent or Transparent
S/L = Silver-lined AB = Aurora Borealis
Sq. H. = Square Hole Solgel = These are beads that have undergone a special process which allows them to be dry-cleaned and also makes the color more fade-resistant than regular beads.

Made in the Czech Republic

Color Chart

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Price per 500 gram bag


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6/0 White
R-65401622 6/0 Turquoise/Blue
R-65401623 6/0 Medium Blue
R-65401624 6/0 Black
R-65401628 6/0 Medium Green
R-65401631 6/0 Medium Red
R-65401632 6/0 Medium Dark Red
R-65401633 6/0 Lemon Yellow
R-65401635 6/0 Orange
R-65401638 6/0 Dark Royal Blue  

6/0 Medium Brown


6/0 Rose

R-65402275 6/0 Dark Green