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11/0 Czech Glass Seed Beads

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All 11/0 glass seed beads listed below are strung on hanks and come in 500 gram bags.  See color chart below for pictures and pricing.  For general information on seed beads, click HERE.

Information on 11/0 Seed Beads

Beads per Inch 20 beads
Inches per Strand 20.5"
Beads per Strand 410 beads
Strands per Hank 12 strands approximately
Beads per Hank 4,920 beads
Hanks per 500g Bag 12 hanks approximately
Beads per 500g Bag 59,040 beads approximately



Op. = Opaque Trans. = Translucent or Transparent
S/L = Silver-lined AB = Aurora Borealis
Sq. H. = Square Hole Solgel = These are beads that have undergone a special process which allows them to be dry-cleaned and also makes the color more fade-resistant than regular beads.

Made in the Czech Republic

Color Chart

Order Code



Price per 500 grams

R-66401017 11/0 Pearl Mix Buy on
R-66434902 11/0 Opaque Multi
R-66434903 11/0 Opaque White  
R-66434904   11/0 Opaque Black
R-66434905  11/0 Opaque Turquoise/Blue
R-66434906   11/0 Opaque Dark Blue
R-66434907  11/0 Opaque Light Blue
R-66434908   11/0 Opaque Pale Green
R-66434909      11/0  Opaque Light Green
R-66434910     11/0  Opaque Turquoise
R-66434911 11/0  Opaque Medium Green
R-66434912      11/0 Opaque Light Red


11/0 Opaque Medium Red
R-66434914     11/0 Opaque Med. Dark Red
R-66434915  11/0 Opaque Dark Red
R-66434916   11/0 Opaque Lemon Yellow
R-66434917 11/0 Opaque Gold Yellow
R-66434918 11/0 Opaque Light Orange
R-66434919 11/0 Opaque Orange
R-66434920 11/0 Opaque Medium Blue
R-66434921 11/0 Opaque Pale Blue
R-66434922 11/0 Opaque Royal Blue
R-66434923 11/0 Opaque Dark Royal Blue
R-66434924 11/0 Opaque Mauve 
R-66434925 11/0 Opaque Light Brown
R-66434926 11/0 Opaque Dark Brown
R-66434927 11/0 Opaque Gray
R-66434929 11/0 Trans. Crystal
R-66434930 11/0 Trans. Medium Green
R-66434931 11/0 Trans. Dark Green
R-66434932 11/0 Trans. Teal Green
R-66434933 11/0 Trans. Topaz
R-66434934 11/0 Trans. Brown
R-66434936 11/0 Trans. Medium Aqua
R-66434937 11/0 Trans. Navy Blue
R-66434938 11/0 Trans. Medium Blue
R-66434940 11/0 Trans. Yellow
R-66434941 11/0 Trans. Red
R-66434942 11/0 Trans. Orange
R-66434943 11/0 Opaque Matte Black
R-66434945 11/0 Trans. Navy Aurora Borealis
R-66434946 11/0 Trans. Mauve Aurora Borealis
R-66434947 11/0 Trans. Orange Aurora Borealis
R-66434948 11/0 Trans. Yellow Aurora Borealis
R-66434949 11/0 Trans. Light Orange Aurora Borealis
R-66434950 11/0 Trans. Teal Green Aurora Borealis
R-66434951               11/0 Trans. Blue Aurora Borealis
R-66434952 11/0 Trans. Aqua Aurora Borealis
R-66434953 11/0 Trans. Red Aurora Borealis
R-66434954 11/0 Trans. Crystal Aurora Borealis
R-66434974 11/0 Sq. Hole Silver-lined Dark Aqua
R-66434985 11/0 Sq. Hole Silver-lined Yellow
R-66434986 11/0 Sq. Hole Silver-lined Brown
R-66434997 11/0 Sq. Hole S/L Fuchsia
R-66435002 11/0 Op. Dyed Fuchsia
R-66435005 11/0 Opaque Pearl White
R-66435018 11/0 Opaque Pearl Ivory
R-66435019 11/0 Opaque Pink
R-66435021 11/0 Metallic Green
R-66435023 11/0 Metallic Blue
R-66435024 11/0 Metallic Gold
R-66435025 11/0 Metallic Purple
R-66435027 11/0 Metallic Gunmetal
R-66435028 11/0 Opaque Brown Aurora Borealis
R-66435029 11/0 Opaque Green Aurora Borealis
R-66435030 11/0 Opaque Navy Blue Aurora Borealis
R-66435031 11/0 Op. Purple AB     
R-66435050 11/0 Opaque Ruby Aurora Borealis
R-66440002 11/0 Solgel Metallic Pink
R-66440004 11/0 Solgel Metallic Yellow
R-66440005 11/0 Solgel Light Pink
R-66440007 11/0 Solgel Light Green