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Rabbit Fur Scrap

The picture does not show one pound of scrap.


We usually stock small quantities of rabbit fur scrap in our New York warehouse.  This is heavy rabbit fur scrap.  This material comes from heavy, Czech rabbits that were cut for making hats and other crafts.  This scrap is ideal for small craft projects.  The scrap has some of the largest pieces I have ever seen in "scrap."  Do not expect full skins, but do not expect tiny little pieces either.

Order Code Description 1-23 lbs. 24 lbs. or more
R-140-CZ-SCRAP Heavy Czech Rabbit Scrap US$10.00 / lb. US$9.00 / lb.

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Ranch raised.

Product of Spain

Container Load Shipments to China

Please note that we are unable to offer container-load shipments of scrap at this time.  The market is too hot and supplies are too limited to secure large quantities of scrap from the tanneries.  The scrap we do have for sale is only in craft quantities at the prices posted above.  Any inquiries for container loads of rabbit scrap will be ignored at this time.

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