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Navajo Deerskin Medicine Bags

Left: 1067-23; Middle: 1067-34

Right: 1067-23E and 1067-34E (See the 2x3" bag with card)

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The medicine bags are made of deerskin leather.  They come in two sizes.  The bags are sold by themselves or can be filled with sage, sweetgrass, and cedar ground together.  The bags are handmade so there could be some variation in the sizes. Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity card.

The bags that are stuffed with botanicals comes with an authenticity card describing the significance of sage and sweetgrass.

Order Code Description Width Length Price
R-1067-23 Navajo Deerskin Medicine Bag stuffed with Botanicals ~2" to 2.5" ~3" US$10.50
R-1067-34 Navajo Deerskin Medicine Bag stuffed with Botanicals  ~2" to 3" ~4" US$12.08
R-1067-23E Navajo Deerskin Medicine Bag ~2" to 2.5" ~3" US$8.93
R-1067-34E Navajo Deerskin Medicine Bag ~2" to 3" ~4" US$10.50

Genus and species: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Native Made in the USA