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Caribou Hides

Although there are extensive herds of caribou wandering around Canada and Alaska, there are very few true, tanned North American caribou hides available for sale at any time.  The quality of the skins is generally quite poor and the tanning is often low quality.  In response to customers looking for quantities of caribou skins, we have talked with individuals with extensive experience in buying northern and Arctic furs.  Here is one comment from an expert in the Canadian fur industry:

"Very hard to get tanned Caribou hides just not done, probably because they are such poor quality skins to start with, usually full of holes from burying insect under the skin."

and another one:

"Unfortunately no.  We’ve experimented quite a bit over the years & caribou hide, regardless of season just does not hold the hair well.  Reindeer is the way to go."

We suggest going with reindeer hides as well and cannot devote time to looking for quantities of hides in Canada that nobody ever has.

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Genus and species: C. Rangifer tarandus.  Wild.

No shipments to Canada due to changing legislation.

Reindeer from Finland are virtually identical to the North American caribou.  Perhaps, you may wish to consider a perfect reindeer skin instead.  Click HERE to see our selection of reindeer skins.

Product of Canada, Tanned in Peru