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Buffalo Slink

We have one unborn baby buffalo hide from a ranch in South Dakota.  The tanned skin we have is a hazard of nature--the animal was not killed just for its skin.  The buffalo skin was saved and sent to Peru for tanning.  This is an interesting scientific specimen. 

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Genus and species:  Bison bison.  Ranch raised.


Product of USA, Tanned in Peru


Uses for Slink Skins


Eskimo Mukluk Vamps (tops)

Boot tops

Furniture Covering

Small rugs

Table coverings

Cleaning Instructions


To clean your bufflo skin, first use a brush in the direction of the hair (not against the knap) to remove loose dirt.  Then wet the skin with a damp cloth.  Apply a very small amount of shampoo and rub with the hair.   Brush gently with the hair.  Wipe with clean water until the soap suds are gone.   When it dries, the skin will be hard.  Rub and stretch the hide with your hands to soften it again.  


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