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Native Made
Smoked Caribou Hide Leather

See a size comparison with a soda can.

We have a few sources for traditional, brain tanned, smoked caribou hide from Canada. This leather is very difficult to obtain these days and has become quite expensive. Each piece is cataloged and priced separately. The price varies by the quality of the hide, thickness, color, and suppleness. Caribou is stronger than moose or elk and is ideal for making gloves.

We sell only full hides and will not cut them to specific sizes.

Order Code Description Price
R-2-40-Gxx Smoked Caribou Hide out of stock indefinitely See gallery below

Genus and species: C. Rangifer tarandus.

Caribou are not an endangered species.

Native Made Product of Canada

Gallery of Individual Hides for Sale

You get the exact hide shown when ordering by number.

We update our website nearly every day. If it is not marked as sold, it is most likely available.

Order code: R-2-40-Gxx

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***out of stock indefinitely***

A Note on Smell

The smoked deer, elk, and moose hides have a strong smell of wood smoke.  This is considered to be a desirable trait by many customers, but can be overwhelming for people living in a small house or apartment.  The smoke leaves creosote behind that binds with the fibers in the hide.  This keeps the hide soft and flexible when wet and helps to preserve the hide, making this leather ideal for gloves and moccasins.  The smoke will dissipate with time and use, but it can take years for most of the smell to leave.


It is possible to remove much of the smoke smell by placing the hide in a tub and washing it with soap and water.  The hide then needs to be tacked out on a piece of plywood so it does not wrinkle when drying.  We do not offer this service for customers, so please consider undertaking this project before buying these hides if you are worried about the smell of smoke being too strong.


If you like the color and want hides that have had much of the smoke smell removed, please let us know and we can offer this on a custom-order basis.  It can take weeks to months to get specially prepared hides by the man who does the tanning.


Should you be unhappy with your purchase, please let us know as soon as possible.  You can return the hide in its original condition for credit.  You pay shipping and insurance both ways.  We do not accept the return of hides that have been cut, treated, altered, processed, or damaged after shipment to you.