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Antiqued Snowshoes

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Over the years, we have had requests for used snowshoes for decorations that are in perfect condition. This is a difficult task at best, and we have only been able to find a few pair per year that meet these stringent requirements. We have finally convinced a snowshoe maker in Canada to "antique" his new snowshoes for us. Sandblasting new snowshoes did not work, but applying a gray stain prior to lacing instead of using a varnish has resulted in the perfect look. These snowshoes are designed for the decoration market only as the protective coating of varnish has not been applied. Lean them next to the fireplace or hang them on the wall of your cabin. They do not come with harnesses/binding.

We also have access to about 700 pairs of used snowshoes (most have harnesses and varnish).

Order Code Description Price per pair
R-543-1242 Antiqued Snowshoes:12 x 42" (30.5 -106.5 cm) US$127.50
R-543-1448 Antiqued Snowshoes:14 x 48" (35.5 - 122 cm) US$142.50

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Made in Canada

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