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Wood Pipe Stems

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NOTE: No sales of Native American Peace Pipes or other pipes to anyone under the age of 18. Valid ID is required prior to purchase at our discretion.

Use these pipe stems with pipe bowls to make your own pipes.  Please note that pipe stems that do not fit perfectly into the pipe bowls may need to be modified slightly if the hole is too small or you may need to wrap the pipe end with sinew to build it up if the hole is too large.  The twisted pipe stems come with a shiny lacquer finish; the oval and round pipe stems do not.

The twisted pipe stems are the Great Lakes Ojibwa style.  They are 17" overall. (The stem, excluding mouth piece and pipe insert, is 15".)  The twisted section is just under half of the total length of the stem.  These are beautifully grained with a rich, lustrous golden brown lacquered finish.

Both the 17" and 25" twisted pipe stems are approximately 1.5" wide.

Made in India

Order Code Description Price Each Picture
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17 Oval Pipe Stem US$15.00
R-224-25 25 Oval Pipe Stem US$17.50


17 Round Pipe Stem US$12.50
R-224-25R 25 Round Pipe Stem US$15.00


17" Twisted Pipe Stem US$25.00
R-224-25T 25" Twisted Pipe Stem US$30.00