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Snowshoe Hare Skins

See the other side of an Arctic #1 skin with a soda can

See the bellies of the #2 skin and a picture with an 18" long ruler

Left to Right: Arctic #1 Snowshoe Hare and #2 Snowshoe Hare skins

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Snowshoe hare are different from domesticated rabbit:  the skin is thinner and the hair is wilder with longer guard hairs.  These hare are in the winter phase and tend to be whitish.

The #1 skins have few if any imperfections.  These skins are approximately 12" to 16" long by 6.5" wide.

The #2 hare skins have small nicks, holes, tears, or cuts on the hide side that typically cannot be seen from the hair side.  These imperfections can be sewn up--we just don't have time for this.  These cased hare skins are approximately 16" long by 7" wide and weigh 0.22 pounds.  They are good for craft projects.

Order Code Description                Price Each 
R-585-SNOW1 Arctic Snowshoe Hare Skin:#1 US$35.00
R-585-SNOW2* Snowshoe Hare Skin:#2 US$30.00

Genus and species for Arctic Snowshoe hare: Lepus timidus. Wild.

Genus and species of Snowshoe hare: Lepus americanus.  Wild. *Not for export to Ontario, Canada.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside of the United States.

585-SNOW1 are Product of Russia, Tanned in China
585-SNOW2 are Product of USA

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