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Smudging Materials

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Left: Smudging Materials & Card
Right: 3-Sisters Bundle

Create ready-to-use smudge pots using these smudging materials.

The Smudging Materials & Card include a small assortment the traditional smudging materials: sage - burned to drive out ill feelings or influences, cedar - burned to cleanse while praying aloud or silently, and sweetgrass - frequently burned after sage or cedar to bring in positive influences and energies. There's also a card describing the smudging ceremony.

The 3-Sisters Bundles are comprised of sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. They are 18" to 22" long and 2.5" wide. Each bundle weighs approximately 0.18 lbs.

Order Code   Description  Price Each
R-221-99 Smudging Materials & Card US$5.00
R-221-90 3-Sisters Bundle US$15.00

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